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We all know that magazines have been in trouble lately. Many shut down production in 2009, including one of my favorite home decorating magazines, Domino. In the recent months, Lonny Magazine has gained popularity. It was created by a former editor of Domino and has the same design feel to it that many Domino fans came to love, including me. Lonny Mag is a completely digital, online magazine and the “flip book” layout makes the site easy to navigate. My favorite part about it is if I see something I like, whether it’s in an advertisement or in an article, I can click on that particular item and it will take me to the retailer’s website or it will tell me where to buy something similar.

I’ve always loved reading magazines. There is just something about curling up on your couch when you have some free time and leisurely looking at the glossy pages.  However, like many other people, I am finding myself letting my magazines and newspapers build up while I receive most of my information on the internet. Digital magazines don’t have the same aesthetic feel to me as print magazines, but I still have grown to prefer the digital. They give me the best of both worlds. I love the fact that if I’m interested in an item, I can instantaneously go purchase it. I’m sure that the retailers will also benefit from this sort of spontaneous shopping.

When I read print magazines, I might “dog ear” a page or rip it out, but rarely do I ever actually find the item in stores or even get around to shopping for it. This makes it so much easier. Now that I think about it, it might even be too easy, since my checking account seems to be suffering from this ease of shopping. Is this the future of magazines? I sure hope so!


  • May 10, 2010, 2:15 pm  Reply

    Most of my magazines sit on my coffee table until I finally sit down and flip through them all out of sheer guilt.

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