I Wouldn't Marry Gary Either

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On Wednesday night,  I bypassed the Prez and tuned in to watch the series premier of Gary Unmarried.  I can see why his wife left him.  Gary is predictable, a little boring and kind of looks like Barney Rubble.
Gary is freshly divorced and has two kids.  He and his wife have joint custody and are learning to live as newly single, single parents.  The opening scene shows Gary and a one-nighter that he picked up.  They wake up to his ex dropping off the kids.  The one-nighter is upset that Gary didn’t tell her he was previously married and has two kids.  Later it’s revealed that the one-nighter also has a kid, but after a brief session with a relationship counselor, who also happens to be Gary’s ex-wife’s new fiancée, they decide that it was no big deal and they are going to give it a whirl.
Everything about the first episode was predictable, from the ex-wife’s engagement to the marriage counselor to Gary and the one-nighter’s new relationship.  At one point I wondered if the audience was laughing because they were just giddy to see the taping of a show live or if the “laugh” sign was lit up.  The most enjoyable character is Tommy, who is Gary’s 12-year-old son.  He has the best comedic timing of anyone on the show and the least dysfunctional one as well.
While this was not one of my favorite premiers this year, it could potentially do well.  I think that the first show is always awkward because the writers have to explain who the people are and how they got to this point.  But what do I know…I didn’t like the first episode of Two and a Half Men either!

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