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A little over a month ago new GPS satellites were launched with relativity low fan fare, but they could have a potentally large impact on the way we navigate through life. The current GPS set-up that many of us use on our iPhones, car navigation systems, etc… can, assuming you have a good clear signal, pinpoint you within about 20 feet.

The new technology will trump that, promising not only a much stronger signal but accuracy up to two feet – that’s about an arm’s length.

Social check-in apps like FourSquare and Gowalla will no doubt take advantage of the stronger signal (especially in densely populated areas) and will be better able to pinpoint a business’ location. With a accuracy of +/- 2 feet, the apps can tell not only if you are in Kroger, but in which aisle. Heck, you could become the mayor of aisle 6 of dirty Kroger….or I guess that would be an alderman?

With such a degree of accuracy, retail outlets can (via your smart phone) market a specific product or send a coupon to a consumer as they approach that product on a store shelf. How’s that for interactive POS?

Augmented reality apps may finally become a reality. Think of looking through your iPhone as you walk down a street. Your screen will now be a virtual tour guide with restaurant reviews popping up or directions to the nearest ATM.

The possibilities are limitless, or at least within a few feet or so.


  • Cathy
    July 16, 2010, 8:17 am  Reply

    Very cool with a little bit of creepy factor tossed in… I know big brother is inevitable but I think it would still weird me out a bit to get a coupon or ad on my phone just as I am approaching their product on the shelf. Though in the big picture, it would be an incredible way to market directly to the most likely consumer… I suppose.

    However, I guess to get that feeling in the first place I would need to have a smartphone… lol!

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