In an Absolut world, I'm drinking wine

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…or maybe Bourbon.
Absolut’s debacle of last week brought me to one of those “who the hell thought that was a good idea?” moments. It’s one thing to slam the competition, but to insult half the population of your #1 market? A five million case market? Wow. Is that some sort of new marketing chutzpah they’re teaching in business school these days?
So now that the leading premium vodka in the U.S. is going to take some hits, I’d like to recommend a couple of very nice options to the soon to be former vodka drinkers…
Have you tried a nice German Riesling? My favorites* are the full line of Rieslings from Schmitt Sohne and Schloss Vollrads. Not the overly sweet taste people often think of when they hear “Riesling,” but a range of fruits and florals, plus well-balanced minerality and acidity that allow them to pair well with just about anything but steak. I recommend them often. Yes, I do love my reds. At this moment I’m particularly fond of Pinot Noirs, blended reds and bargain hunting at Trader Joe’s. If you’re in the neighborhood (my neighborhood, not Trader Joe’s), please feel free to stop by for a sample. I usually have a few Rieslings chilled (and often open!).
My all-American choice is Bourbon. Specifically, Kentucky Bourbon . We make a good number of those around these parts. My favorite is Maker’s Mark, but by late father swore by W.L. Weller (which has become impossible to find since my dad’s passing….hmmmmm). Again, I’m free with my samples if you’re in my ‘hood. (For a really special treat, ask me about the George T. Stagg hundred-and-oh-my-god proof Bourbon that was a gift from one of my favorite clients.)
So that’s it for the unabashed plugs in this revolting turn on vodka. I do drink them all and can offer tasting notes or pairing suggestions upon request. And I do share willingly with friends.
Revolt responsibly.
*Yes, Schmitt Sohne and Schloss Vollrads are clients of CurrentMarketing. And they make fine wines worthy of my hard-earned dollars.

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