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Hey guys, Brooke here—resident Word Doc at Current360 and first-time blogger. Not surprisingly, I’ve noticed that most of my coworkers’ blog posts are a combination of their personal interests and the ad world. Makes sense, right? Well, in an effort to not disrupt flow, I’ve decided to discuss idol worshiping on Instagram. Now hold up, I’m not saying I take a personal interest in idol worshiping, but I know a lot of people out there do.
Instagram is currently my only social media outlet and I’ve noticed more and more celebrities are joining in on the fun—something Facebook wasn’t too big on. But, with more celebrities comes more celebrity followers. People everywhere are dying over first-hand glimpses into a stranger’s world, especially if it’s a stranger they admire. I think most of us are guilty of following a person or two we admire, but what I don’t understand, was why people are “liking” these celebrities’ pictures, commenting on them and so on. I don’t get it. Or at least is didn’t until I found Enjoy Cupcakes.
In 2008 BI (before Instagram), I started a cupcake business out of my kitchen. Since then, I’ve been continuing to expand my menu and my business. Five years and a cupcake surge later, I still haven’t seen a dessert with the same style or uniqueness as mine. Enter Enjoy Cupcakes. My cupcakery—and now Instagram—idol from Los Olivos, Ca. I love everything about them, their marketing, creativity, shabby chicness and–oh my God—their retro trailers for events are to die for!
I recently started following them on Instagram and I get it now! I want to “like”, comment, regram, lick the screen, whatever gets me noticed. I just love them, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m insta-obsessed with my instaidol.
So keep up the stalking people and maybe you’ll find your #instaidol too.

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