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I just finished reading/viewing an article online about a restaurant in London, named Inamo, that offers interactive dining.  Even before reading a sentence I had started hating on it.  Interactive dining?  I don’t want to have to browse through a website like menu to order my food I want to sit back and relax and hang out and pay attention to my friend or whoever I’m dining with.  Do we really need that much technology to order a meal at a restaurant?

Well, that all changed as I watched a video about the restaurant.  I started out thinking the idea was ridiculous, became curious and intrigued, and next I wanted to go to the restaurant.  It’s definitely a bit over-the-top and totally unique.

You can browse the menu and have meals show up on a plate in front of you, select and customize your table top, check out what happening in the kitchen, play games, locate and find other activities in the area and request a taxi to pick you up and take you home, all from your E-Table.  If you were looking for a different kind of night out to eat, this would be it.

In some ways, as I watch another clip featuring the E-Table, I still find it a bit too much, but I would most definitely go to this restaurant if I was anywhere near London.  So, I am no longer a hater, I think it’s a pretty cool and unique idea.


  • July 26, 2011, 1:24 am  Reply

    Hm, this is in London? Next time I head out that way I’ll try to make a stop! A very innovative concept. I’m curious how you found out about it because as interesting as it is, I haven’t seen or heard of it until now. While I would think this concept would make it very public, none of my mundane media have publicised it. If that’s true, then this company is definately focused on a niche market. (Tech-Craving Foodies) That might end up being the way to go!

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