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The Agency According to the Intern: Great Opportunity and Inspiration

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Initial Impressions

From the moment I walked into Current360, I knew that I was not just walking into some well-oiled machine where everyone works from dawn to dusk generating documents of numbers and letters. What I walked into, instead, was a collaborative space where everyone felt comfortable expressing their creativity and individuality through the work they produced. As I was introduced to what would become my desk and workspace, I felt a mix of both excitement and nervousness. I was not nervous due to an intimidating boss peering over my shoulder or from a mountain of busywork like what many picture an internship to be. I was anxious because I wanted to be able to produce a quality of work similar to those around me.

Something I noticed immediately was the lack of walls separating me from my fellow employees. The idea of cubicles is non-existent, and in its place is an open floor plan, thus preventing the usual claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in your desk from nine to five. Even those who have offices always keep their doors open, as a sort of invitation to go up and ask questions if you have any. And believe me, I had a ton.

The Work

After being around the agency for about a week, I came to one easy conclusion: there is more to an agency than I originally thought. Not only is there design and analytical elements involved, but also a mix of photography, finance, communications, and website building elements just to name a few. While each employee has a specialty, everyone seems to have a basic understanding of every other subject, thus making it easy to get a second opinion on a project.

When someone says the word “intern,” many tend to imagine some pitiful soul whose only purpose is to get the other employees’ coffee. However, being an intern in the agency instead equates to a mentorship program, where each and every project is a learning experience. Sure, I could have learned some photoshop skills from a college lecture or an online tutorial, however, it is so much more beneficial knowing that everything I am creating and producing here actually has a purpose. The work I am developing is being sent to real clients who could possibly use my creations in their businesses.

The Benefits

Irreplaceable work experience
Especially for students who are attending college, an internship can be a great source of experience before entering the workforce. Starting a resume early was one of the biggest pieces of advice I received when talking to upperclassmen, as the need to differentiate and impress employers only becomes more evident close to your final years of college.

Reaffirming future goals for yourself
By the age of 18, we are expected to determine a career path that we will follow many years into the future. This makes it easy to fall into a job that does not line up with your true passions in life. By doing an internship in your expected field, you can reaffirm that yes, this is what I want to pursue. Especially in the field of business, there are so many concentrations you can choose from. By working in an agency such as Current360, I can confirm that I want to pursue a career in marketing and hopefully follow this path in my future.

Making connections
Another piece of advice that was heavily stressed to me was the need to make connections early. Networking is one of the most underrated elements in any field, but especially in business. Marketing and advertising are built off of communicating with clients and others around you, so by associating yourself with well-known agencies or individuals, the more advantages you will have while searching for a job in the future.

My Perspective

The biggest perspective I can provide as of right now about working in an agency is one of opportunity and inspiration. This internship so far has been an interactive learning experience that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Every employee I have worked with has been nothing short of encouraging and helpful to me, and the work they continue to produce is work I hope to replicate in my future career.

This is only the beginning; there is much more to this story that has yet to come to life. And once it does, I am sure I will have more to write about. However, for now, I can simply say that I am excited to see where this road leads as I know it will be somewhere special.

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