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Is it ok to go HTML 5 crazy?

The internet darling band OK Go did with their recent interactive music video. We’ve seen these before, but this is just one more step to bringing HTML 5 into the mainstream.

I could go on about HTML 5, what it means to the Geek Suite here at CurrentMarketing, but then eyes would glaze over.

Sometimes it is just best to show:


As more and more people flock online for entertainment, OK Go’s video is just a sampling of how interactive things will become. I’m not particularly impressed from a technology standpoint but the idea is what is genius here. Typing your message and having it display is nothing, but bringing people into it, letting the user feel like they’re not consuming, but creating .. that’s entertainment.

And of course, the message I created: https://www.allisnotlo.st/videoend_en.html?mid=fDMtqxKVrw9


  • admin
    October 5, 2011, 11:57 am  Reply

    I’ve seen this site, and it only works in chrome. i do think it’s pretty rad.

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