Is water the new wine?

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That’s what a restaurant in California is thinking.
You’ve heard of wine sommeliers and the champagne of beers, well get ready for water sommeliers and the champagne of waters. This month, Ray’s & Stark Bar, located in Los Angels, debuted its 45-page menu dedicated to – wait for it – water.
The menu features bottles of water with tasting profiles much like wine. The descriptions tout the country of origin, terrior, tasting notes and even recommends food pairings. Your typical Fiji, Evin and San Pellegrino are included on the menu for around $9, but are you ready for a $16 bottle of water? That’s how much a bottle of Beverly Hills 9OH2O will run you.
But wait, there’s more. How about a $20 bottle of water? That’s what you’ll pay for “the champagne of waters,” a 750ml bottle of Berg. What makes Berg so special? The brand boasts its water as Greenland meltwater from a glacier that’s15,000 years old and “virtually untouched by man with little to no trace of minerals.”
How much would you be willing to pay for a bottle of water with a “sweet” and “smooth” profile? It probably depends on if you’re in LA.

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