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It’s Fall Premiere Time

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It’s time for my favorite blog entry of the year, fall TV predictions…who will be a household fave, a la Seinfeld, and who you will never remember, a la Emily’s Reason’s Why Not, which bowed out after 2 episodes in 2006.
Fall 2011 proves to have a full plate, with 27 new broadcast shows launching this fall.  There are even more to come mid-season, but we’ll check those out a few months from now.  ABC leads the pack with 7 new shows, following by NBC with 6, CBS and FOX with 5 each and then the CW with 4.  Check out the daily prime time lineup here.
Last year, I really picked a stinker with $#!% My Dad Says, so this year I am going to pick a top three hit list, to increase my chances that at least one of the three will stick around for the fall 2012 premier.
The X Factor
We’ve been hearing about this show ever since Simon left American Idol.  There is so much anticipation in fact, that the official website has a countdown to the premiere date.  Anything that Simon touches pretty much turns to gold, so I have do doubt that this show will be a ratings blockbuster.  If you aren’t familiar with the hype, think Idol meets The Voice.
Premier Date: Wednesday, 9/21 at 8 PM on FOX.
Last Man Standing
Speaking of old favorites, Tim Allen is back on the small screen with Last Man Standing.  Between Buzz Lightyear and Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and The Santa Clause, who doesn’t absolutely love Tim Allen?  The show already starts out with a high likeability index.  This character is almost the exact opposite from Home Improvement with the main character, played by Tim Allen, living in a house with 4 women, his wife and 3 daughters, aged 22, 17 and 14.  On any given day, he’s lucky is one of the ladies will give him the time of day.  If you haven’t seen the promos, think Home Improvement meets 3 Simple Rules.
Premier Date: Tuesday, 10/21 at 8 PM on ABC.
Two and a Half Men…Kutcher Style
It’s not exactly a brand new show, but it’s as close as you can get while still keeping the same name.  Now that Charlie is out, I’m excited to see what Ashton will do with the role.  I think we’ll see a ratings spike, from what were already very good ratings last spring, for the first 3 or 4 episodes as viewers get a feel for Kutcher in the role.  Will they call him Charlie?  Will he be smooth like Charlie or goofy like Kelso?
Premier Date: Monday, 9/19 at 9 PM on CBS.

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