Just Another Manic Monday

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My stash of clients is nearly 100% b-to-c, so you can imagine that Black Friday’s rapid approach has me running circles around this place. A curious trend has emerged this year and our clients have proven to be no exception: Pre-Black Friday sales.
Most retailers point all of their guns at the rabid shoppers who flank the streets as early as 3 am (what is Kohl’s thinking?!?), pushing the lowest prices on premium items as holiday gifts. The idea is that we’ve got a captive audience on a day that people traditionally dedicate solely to spending money.
But, as the holiday season creeps closer and closer back into summer time – I saw Christmas decorations in September this year – so does the shopping season. There will always be crazy Black Friday fiends. And, of course, Cyber Monday grows every year.
So, why not capitalize on the week leading up to Black Friday too? Let’s make it a Monday-to-Monday shopping spree! The psychology behind it is actually quite fascinating. Black Friday covers the dedicated, habitual day-after-Thanksgiving bargain hunter. But, what about those mid-streamers who aren’t quite dedicated enough to get out of bed in the middle of the night, but still want to take advantage of some deals? It’s a brilliant marketing scheme, if you ask me! I guess we’ll see what happens with our clients on Monday, which we’ve affectionately dubbed “Manic Monday.” The jingle’s already built in, thanks to the Bangles!

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