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Knee Deep in the Current: Current Blues

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Have you ever had one of those weeks? The one that just gives you a head ache every day and makes it hard to slap a smile on your face. Well that was my week. This week I had the Current blues. Let’s talk about two things: why I had the Current blues and how we all can get rid of them in the work place.
First of all this week was never going to go well for me. I’m going out of town on Friday and I am completely unprepared. I’m stressed, to say the least. Have you ever noticed that when you get stressed you get clumsy and everything around you starts to fall apart- of course you have. Anyways when I start a week unprepared for it bad things start happening to me. I’d like to let everyone know that this week I was the Current dummy- a new phrase I invented. I had the most inconvenient thing happen to me and it was my own fault. This week I pulled into work Wednesday morning and was so surprised to see that at 8am everyone had left the street closest to the entrance open- just for me I had presumed. So I parked my little Honda with my Tumbleweed stickers as close to the door as I could get, ended my phone call with a client and skipped inside, proud of my super close spot. I had a smile on my face and began my day. About an hour later Kati Parrish came running down the hall to tell me…my car was being towed. Of course it was. Needless to say about three hours and around $150 later, both my father and I were not happy about my little mix up. It was a pain and I have learned my lesson.
We all have those weeks, but what can we do to make sure we don’t bring it into the workplace. I have two short pointers for you all.
Put a smile on your face no matter how hard it is. A smile goes a long way. And give someone a compliment. Their smile will brighten your day just a little bit.
I realize those seem miniscule but you’d be amazed at how much better those little things will make you feel! So next time you have the Current blues remember- you could be in a 5 person deep line at the car impound wearing your favorite pair of 4-inch heels and holding your breath because the guy in front of you hasn’t showered in a week.
Current Phrase of the Week: Street Sweeping: the city will be coming through to sweep up the sides of the road. Used in a sentence: Move your car before they tow it, they are doing Street Sweeping Wednesday from 5pm to 11pm.

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