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Knee Deep in the Current: The Ins and Outs of Current360

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Recently, some changes have been made to my schedule and now I’m looking forward to getting to explore all the ins and outs of Current360. I feel like a mini grown up walking around the halls here. I am given direction but I am also given a lot of freedom. The greatest thing about this week for me has been getting to see how all the different departments work. Right now interning with Current gives me a chance to be in two places at once, on the outside looking and, and in a way on the inside looking out.
Current in an of itself is a marketing firm, but the original owners, Lisa and Rick Schardien, with the help of their team, created a program to run the business that they sell to other companies. It’s called Developware. This week I got to spend a little time getting to know that side of Current. It was really interesting! I got to research potential clients and learn how Developware markets their product. Not to mention I was given work I can do in my spare time; which was great!
This week I was given the opportunity to get familiar with the print buyer of Current360! Her name is Martha Reid. I spent some time with her talking about exactly what she does, and boy does she do a lot. She is a one-woman-buying-machine. She handles nearly all the buying of any print media Current purchases for their clients. Not to mention- she’s awesome! I had such a blast driving around with her and she made sure to answer any and all the questions I had. I also got to check out the media-buying department here at Current. I sat in on a meeting with Angela where she discussed some new changes that Facebook is making to the way companies can by ads with them. It was very informative; I had so much fun soaking in all that goes into social media and advertising. Who new that social media was the next TV commercials? Miss Angela has a very important job around here as social media is one the newest and biggest forms of advertising.  On Thursday I had a meeting with our video department. I was invited up to their video “tree house,” as Rob likes to call it, and spent some time learning the ins and outs of all things video. I got the chance to chat with Brandon, Rob, and Jay about what all they do up there. I got a sneak peek at a radio segment they recorded and learned about piecing together radio as well as T.V segments to create and perfectly finished product to present to the client. Brandon showed me what all goes into creating video production and how detail oriented it is. I was blown away by the time and energy these guys put into everything they create. I learned so much in just the 45 minutes I spent up there with them and look forward to becoming more familiar with their area of expertise!
I like to think of myself as a current student. Everyday I come in here I am taught new things by all the “teachers” around me.  I am so lucky to get to intern in a company where the team is so excited to teach me about each of their departments. They all are so proud of what they do, because they do it so well! Next week promises to bring even more exciting adventures here at Current360!
CURRENT PHRASE OF THE WEEK: (Video phrase) B-Roll: footage that is generally used as filler. Not primary action footage. Used in a sentence: We can shoot the b-roll this week and then shoot the rest on site.

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