Why Less is More in Digital Advertising

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Digital advertising times are-a-changin’. And these days, less is more. Not in the sense that less work equals better performance, but that quality is being valued much higher than quantity.

For years, the name of the game was, “How many impressions can I get for the least amount of money?” Publishers and vendors loved it. They were able to unload inventory and keep clients happy with low CPMs (Costs Per Thousand). But now, it looks as if there is a better way to spend digital marketing dollars.

How buying has changed for advertisers.

Along with the rise of click fraud and demand for in-depth performance analytics, has come a desire for more transparent communication between agencies and their display advertising partners. And as a result, more power has been put in the hands of the advertiser.

Real-time Bidding (RTB) and above-the-fold (ATF) buying methods are just a couple of ways advertisers have been taking control of their display placements. There is enough 3rd party data out there—either through ad partners or direct—to make informed buys, carefully targeted to your desired audience.

Gone are the days of simply asking for millions of impressions for a low cost in order to impress your client. We now have the tools at our fingertips to make intelligent, calculated digital media buys with built-in trackability. There’s no longer a need to blanket entire geographical areas with a high frequency of impressions. Just like choosing which primetime show to run your spot during, we can now use data and analytics to get your digital ads in front of the most appropriate audience.

What it takes to be successful.

This industry shift requires proactive education for advertisers and their clients. In many cases, as digital media buys have become more efficient, impressions and click figures have begun trending downward. Without good communication and education, some clients may worry they’re simply paying more money for less return.

As an active digital marketing agency, we’ve enjoyed showing our clients what we can do for them. A more intelligent way of buying digital advertising means higher click-through and interaction rates for their message. It also means less waste and more impressions on the consumers that matter most to them.

Digital advertising doesn’t always have to be about reaching the masses. It should be about spending your dollars wisely. From making the right partnerships to asking the right questions, getting involved with your digital advertising is what it’s all about.

At Current360, we spend our client’s digital media dollars like they’re our own. Because the smarter you are with your campaigns, the more you’ll see that less does more for your business.

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