Let’s Clean Up the Interwebs!

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Have you ever searched for something on Google and been directed to a blog or site that, while hosting some relevant information, just looks…wrong? I mean, the design is from some crappy template and the page is oozing with leprous boils of terrible advertisements — the Obama-wants-moms-back-in-school, 1-tip-to-reduce-belly-fat type of advertisements. And the worst part is, maybe you actually found the info you were looking for here, but relying on a page so disgusting just feels… dirty.
“How could Google do this to me?” You may think. “I trusted them with my search and this is where they take me? The nerve!”
If this has happened to you, you’ve probably landed on a scraper site.
Scraper sites have been around for years, stealing content from legitimate blogs and repurposing it for maximum search engine spamming. Can you imagine how mad that makes the original writers? Seeing their work ripped off, often jumbled slightly for copyright purposes, then unceremoniously crammed between two red and blue flashing skyscrapers for free iPads?
I just found out from an article on GallyCat that Google is finally taking strides to stop the scrapers, but they need your help! Next time you land on one of these bush-league blogs, report it to Google. Your information could help Google block these sites in future searches.
Together, we can all help clean up the Interwebs!

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