Let's take a Pintermission!

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Lately, everywhere we turn, it’s Pinterest this, and Pinterest that. It’s rare that I go more than a few days (sometimes hours) without hearing someone say “I saw that on Pinterest!” As an avid daily Pinterest user and fan, I’m quite okay with this, but some might argue Pinterest is taking over our lives!
Some Pinterest users have been known to spend hours on the couch scrolling and pinning ideas (definitely not this girl though). This had to be what sparked one of Honda’s new social media ad campaigns deemed the “Leap List.”
As we all have seen, Honda does a great job promoting living life to the fullest in their ads. Usually we see a giggling group of friends cruising around town, or off-roading in one of their SUV’s. But how are you going to do so if you are sitting on your tush “pinning” items on Pinterest all day?!
With the new campaign for the Honda CR-V, it’s all about getting off the couch, hopping in the car, and actually DOING all those things you have been pinning for months! Honda saw this as the perfect opportunity to invite (via an @ mention, of course) the top “Pinners” (only the most obsessed Pinterest users) to take a full 24 hour break off Pinterest, and get out in a CR-V for a bit. Im not sure this is even possible for some people?!
The users were also offered $500, but in return had to post a Pinterest board for Honda of all the day’s adventures using the CR-V! Honda’s agency even created personalized invites (in the form of pins), tempting pinners with images of all the treasures they could buy or do with the $500 gift!
So far, users have filled their “#Pintermission” boards with beautiful sunsets, cocktails, sandy beaches, garden tours, and the list goes on! Looks like this is a win-pin all around!

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