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This is the delivery I envision whenever I see that someone on Facebook has used their Life Event tab to notify friends of their most recent “celebration” via Facebook. I imagine someone obnoxiously shouting this on a public street to strangers- that would be my equivalent to using the new Life Event tab to share the news of something as strange as a new eating habit.
For those of you who may be confused let me get you up to speed.
As I was browsing Mashable the other day, an article caught my eye. The article was about Facebook unveiling a new life event – expecting a baby. I read the article and my curiosity was piqued. I immediately logged onto my own Facebook account to see what other “life events” I could choose from to announce to the Facebook stratosphere. I quickly learned that there are 5 categories:

  • Work & Education
  • Family & Relationships
  • Home & Living
  • Health & Wellness
  • Travel & Experiences

I could see where some life event options are normal to share like a new job, an engagement or marriage. However, some I found down right strange – new roommate, new license, broken bone, glasses, contacts, organ donor and the list goes on. I am personally a more private person and would not blast that I got a new license all over Facebook. I use the term “blast” since Facebook treats a life event with more importance making it show up at the top of your feed where the birthday reminder is located.
I believe that this tool, if used correctly, could be a great way of spreading the news about a BIG life event that’s just occurred. However, some things should probably be kept more private or only shared with a few close friends and family (i.e. loss of a loved one).
What do you think about this news sharing option on Facebook? Would you use it or just create a wallpost as usual?

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