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Luxury, Luxury, Luxury, Luxury, Luxury

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I am certainly not Acura’s target demographic, so the fact that I find the “Luxury, Luxury” commercial so grating shouldn’t really concern them I suppose. But during March Madness, I’ve seen it countless times and yet I am having a hard time understanding who exactly the commercial is supposed to appeal to.

So I have taken it upon myself to rewrite it, with clearer messaging in order to make it more appealing to those who would buy the vehicle.
“You wake up in your luxury bed alone. Because no one can stand to be around you. You slide out of your luxury sheets and in to your awesome shower so jealous.”
“You select one of your three luxury towels, leaving only two and that is going to completely mess up your obsession with having everything just so.”
“You put on your luxury suit and your luxury watch but forget to put on your luxury shirt, luxury shoes or your luxury belt but maybe you are too luxury for those things, I don’t know.”
“You grab your luxury coffee from your luxury coffee maker like a totally luxurious hand model and get your luxury tongs to select your luxury sugar from the luxury bowl that you filled for some reason even though you only need one lump of luxury sugar unless you leave it out all night because your house is too full of luxury to have a dog because you don’t like dog hair but who would totally eat your luxury sugar right off of your luxury countertop anyway.”*
“You step out of your luxury house with your shirt all unbuttoned because you are so luxury no one can tell you that you have to wear a tie. Oh wait it looks like you did put on your luxury shoes after all. But there was no mention of that so they must not be luxury shoes. They probably came from Payless then.”
“You step in to your luxury car, realize that you forgot your luxury opera glasses, then decide to heck with it back to your luxury bed because you have so much money you don’t really need to work.”
“Oh, and luxury.”
The point is that this commercial does nothing to attract the target audience, who in my experience would be quite a bit more subtle than is portrayed in this spot and I suspect would actually be put off by its over-the-top representation of wealth. And it leaves those who aren’t the target audience appalled at the utter poverty of their Domino granulated sugar served using a lowly teaspoon.
The unfortunate thing about this commercial is the misrepresentation of Acura who does in fact make a quality, well-engineered product. The mistake is the lack of focus on the product and and the dangerous gambit of selling a lifestyle. When done well, it works wonders (See Audi’s “Bravery” or Mercedes’ “Deal with the Devil” Super Bowl ads for good examples). When done poorly it makes your brand look shallow. Even luxury brands.
* That one is a bit run-on. I’m not sure it will get past the editors.

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