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What would it take to get you to choose one brand of potato chips over another? When standing in your grocer’s aisle, contemplating the perfect brand and flavor for an afternoon snack, you may ask yourself, “How do I know which one is for me?” “How can I be sure if the ingredients are real or merely chemically based?” Well, fret no more, my friend.
PepsiCo is unveiling an innovative way to market Lay’s potato chips. Beginning this month, the company is launching new vending machines that will demonstrate how Lay’s creates their potato chips. This is no ordinary vending machine, you see. It does not accept money or coins! It only accepts potatoes! Now I bet I’ve got you wondering…
Wondering, how will this work?
Wondering, how will I get my beloved bag of chips?
First, a promoter will be standing by to give you your golden ticket (the potato) to start the vending process. You simply drop the potato in and a show unfolds before you. It shows you how they wash, peel, cut, cook, salt and package your chips. As soon as the demonstration is over, a warm bag drops down for you to retrieve. It seems as if they’ve just made the bag especially for you- cooked to order!
These special vending machines will not be distributed everywhere. They will be rolled out to retailers such as Walmart and Carrefour in Argentina. These retailers will simply be product sampling testers. If all goes well, you may be seeing one of these vending machines at a store near you. Click here to see a video sneak peek of the new and innovative machines!

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