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If you haven’t visited the Frazier History Museum to see Gridiron Glory – The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet, go right now. Seriously. This blog will be here when you get back. Just get up, grab your keys and head toward West Main Street.

The exhibit – complete with 200 rare pro football artifacts and interactive displays – is just that good. There’s something for football and non-football fans of all ages. And it’s only in Louisville for a few months (the last day will be August 31st).

In the spirit of full disclosure, the Frazier History Museum is one of our clients at Current360. But I’m making this recommendation as someone who truly loves football. I’ve been multiple times, and I can’t stop telling friends, family members and random people on the street to go see it as well.

To help spread this message beyond the 19 people I know in Louisville, our agency created a dynamic television spot to stir the hearts of sports fans and their families.

Football is an emotional game. So our idea was to recreate the raw emotions a person experiences the first time they see a favorite player’s game-worn uniform, a relic from an unforgettable game played generations ago or the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy.

Of course, to achieve maximum effect, we also needed to show these reactions in ultra slo-mo with a soundtrack reminiscent of NFL Films and a John Facenda inspired voiceover.

The entire spot takes place within the exhibit space. With more than 5000 square feet of legendary football memorabilia and hands-on (or feet-on) displays to work with, it was a difficult task choosing which parts to include in the final 30-second cut.

We also complemented the television spot with a series of outdoor and digital executions that played on the accomplishments of several Pro Football Hall of Fame members that are featured at the exhibit. These showed the player’s jersey along with a clever headline. My personal favorite is a Franco Harris jersey with the line, “Immaculate Collection.” This speaks right to the heart of football fans.

Overall, this campaign was a lot of fun to work on. And being an actual member of the target audience certainly helped to fuel the creative spirit.

So, even though you didn’t just take my word for it at the beginning of this blog and blindly head toward the Frazier History Museum, I hope you will end up visiting Gridiron Glory – The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame before it concludes. From one football fan to another, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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