Melissa Gillette …the early years

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I recently spent some time with our new up and coming client services coordinator Melissa Gillette to see how CurrentMarketing has treated her the past six weeks.
Here is what she had to say!
Is Client Services what you thought it would be?
Yes, my advertising internships really prepared me. Client services by far was my favorite when I interned. Current has really done a great job exposing me to a every aspect of marketing, from media, creative, digital and more.
How does the CurrentMarketing environment differ from you internship environment?
Umm, I get paid.
How is it rooming with Kati P.?
SUPER fun. She keeps things moving and upbeat.
Is Ashley C. really quiet?
She is focused when she is getting her work done. But I can get her to talk.
Melissa’s desk sits right next to a public restroom, so I asked, do you mind being the bathroom monitor?
I like being close. A few odd behaviors I have witnessed, people sing in the john, whistle and Meredith is a stomper…I know when she is coming.
What CM lingo have you picked up in your short tenure?
Padoofers. (PDF)
MadChem (Madison Chemical, one of our clients)
Has anyone given you a nickname yet?
Not really. But I am sure it is to come from Miller (Katy).
What is the one thing you have learned in Client Services that you did not know or were surprised to learn?
As far as something educational, I learn something new every day. On a fun note, Rick our president is addicted to gummy worms, and after I ride with Nick  in the car next week (I hear it is an adventure) for a client meeting, I may have more to report on this question.
Does CM move at a quick pace?
YES and I like it!
Where is your computer dock stored?
Bottom and hidden.
What do you think of CM so far?
I love it. It is more than what I was expecting. Even though it may get stressful and hectic it is still a fun environment and everyone is so welcoming!
What’s the next big thing for you at CM?
Recently, I was a part of a new business presentation and that experience was amazing. I hope we partner with this client so I can see the whole process through.

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