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I’m antsy so I turn my divided attention to trusty Google. I vaguely remember telling myself earlier that I have to check out this Twitter of which everyone speaks so highly. I was on a search engine kick and instead of going to this unknown site, decided to see if Twitter came up when I searched “social networks”. Truly, this was the test to see if I should trudge on. Google gets back to me fast with some answers…
“Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Top 10 Most Beautiful Social Networks, Social Netw…Wait what?!? Top 10 Most Beautiful Social Networks?!?”
I quickly stumble back up the page to read this absurd title again and to further feed my curiosity – I click…
As if it’s not bad enough that in every gossip magazine, on every entertainment show and every red carpet, there’s a list of beautiful people just waiting to hear how beautiful they are now; we are passing this beauty judgment onto social networking sites? Oddly enough, I can pass up those beautiful people and their Photoshopped faces but beautiful social networks? I had to see for myself.
Everyone has an opinion and reason about their loyalties to various social networking sites. Strange as it seems, our reasons for having biases are often the same. “It’s neat, clean and easy to use.” The criterion for making the Mashable list has to do exactly with that! And guess what folks, although mentioned, Twitter didn’t make the cut.
I am still skeptical. So for the next few days I’ll be challenging this list by joining networks and scoping out the beauties for myself. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am not taking another’s answer as my own. I’ll get back to you on this one…

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