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My wife refers to it as a “yard sale in waiting”. Others may think of it as cubicle chic. I simply call it “home” for roughly 52% of my weekly awake time, my desk. An homage to all that is kitsch and molded PVC, my “collection” has grown and traveled with me during my professional career. I’ve always been strangely attracted to kitsch culture and have had a soft spot for B-list celebrities, so I guess this kind of grew out of it. It seems to help lighten the stress of the day and keep me grounded  knowing that a 19.5″ Duff Beer holding Godzilla is always watching over me as I work on my latest design project . And seriously, who can’t be inspired by an autographed 8×10 black and white glossy of Dennis Burkley.

A good portion of my collection has come from some of the finest and tackiest gift shops across the globe. Check out this great source! USB rocket launcher. Say no more.


  • Rob
    March 10, 2008, 9:35 am  Reply

    Dennis Burkley seems to have made a career out of playing guys named Earl and bartenders.

  • Scott Miller
    March 11, 2008, 2:26 pm  Reply

    Just this past Saturday I became mesmerized by the first post-LaMont episode of “Sanford and Son” (technically now just “Sanford”). Now that I’m old and jaded, I realize that the producers’ attempt to replace LaMont with fat guy character actor Dennis Burkley wsa probably purely financially motivated. But when I first saw the episode as a little kid, I was really convinced that LaMont was up in Alaska, working on the pipeline.

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