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When I first started at Current Marketing, we used to have something called “Drinks on the Veranda.” It was an informal thing at first. Clients and vendors would stop by after work on Friday to have a cold beverage, trade stories from the previous week and just generally enjoy each other’s company. Some of my fondest memories of Current revolve around those afternoons on the porch, laughing with my friends and getting to know the clients and vendors that made it possible for us all to make a living while having fun.
Before long, it went from a few people to a small army and folks were dropping by earlier and staying later, so we eventually made it a little more formal and turned it into a less frequent, but more elaborate gathering. We went from a few beers in the fridge to a bar set-up and music. And one of my first assignments at CM was to put together music for one of the parties.
So I burned a few CDs and even made a few to give away at the big event. And the one that really went over well, at least with the people at CM, was a mix of songs that all had employee names in them. (I was into themed playlists, even back then.)
We’re quite a bit bigger now, and a lot of the names have changed, but I thought it might make for a fun blog to put together a music playlist with all of today’s employee names. It was a taller order than I expected and I had to take some liberties with spelling, but here are some things I learned while putting together this list:

  1. I don’t have as much music as I thought I did.
  2. People don’t write songs about men. (Some of these selections are a stretch, but when was the last time you were singing along to a song about somebody named Chaney on the radio? Exactly.)
  3. Nobody has ever written a song about anyone named KaiLee. So if there are any aspiring songwriters out there…

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