Navigating Social Media on Election Day

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Election day is here, folks. Take a deep breath, sit up straight in your chair and prepare yourself for a virtual onslaught of politically charged Facebook posts, Tweets, shares and the like.
If you look forward to the aforementioned types of posts, I commend you. Pat on the back, high five, “You go, girl/boy!” You deserve a Social Media Badge of Election Day Courage, AKA a look at a few awful/ridiculous/awesome patriotic .gifs.
If, however, you’re inclined to get worked up or gripe over the status updates from the politically outspoken, I encourage you to keep the following in mind today:
– Never before have we had the ability to freely and publicly share our opinions and hear the opinions of so many in our social circles (thank you, social media). But really, THANK YOU, social media.
– We’re not all going to agree on everything, especially not something as charged as a presidential election.
– It’s okay, and natural, to disagree with opposing political views. It’s okay, and natural, to want to slap politically clueless people on the forehead. (I kid. No violence please, folks!) Which leads to my next point…
– Do not get mad at others for expressing their views in social media spaces. Social networks, at their very core, are public forums. Lest you forget, our forefathers/mothers fought for the right for us to voice our opinions without persecution. More importantly, even today, millions would still love to have such freedom. Some still fight and die for that right. (And before you get all worked up about me waxing all idealistic, please recognize that I did not say you shouldn’t disagree with said opinions. Just respect them.)
Other ways to survive election day? Grunt, stomp your feet or wave your arms in the air. If that doesn’t work, visit The Fluffington Post for amusing animal photos that will certainly put you in a better mood. If all else fails, turn off your computer/iPad, stay off social networks and use your iPhone solely for calls. Amused yet? Again, take a deep breath, sit up straight in your chair and prepare yourself for a virtual onslaught of politically charged Facebook posts, Tweets, shares and the like. Take solace in the fact that it’ll be over soon enough.
*If you haven’t voted yet, what are you waiting for? In the words of Bob Schieffer’s mom: Go vote. Makes you feel big and strong.”

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