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My first couple of weeks here at CurrentMarketing have shown me that the company’s emphasis on culture is not simply a marketing facade or a superficial gimmick.  I like to at least flatter myself with the notion that I have a pretty good bovine manure detector and the welcome I have received from everyone here has left said detector eerily quiet.  Even Crumb Patrol Officer Molly, who still regards me with a measure of skepticism, has nevertheless made time to stop by the Geek Suite for a visit. So thank you to Molly and everyone else for the warm welcome and for the opportunity to work with such a gathering of variously interesting and talented folks.
There is one small matter, however, that I feel that I should address.
In the interest of preventing any further defamation of Brian’s noble and unimpeachable character, I have decided to append a version number to my name in the hopes of quelling any confusion about my true identity, which I suspect is itself beyond repair, by perceived prima facie similarities my colleague and I may or may not share. By assuming the appellation of Jason 1.0 my intent is to refute categorically and to condemn in the strongest terms the groundless accusations that a) I am Brian’s older brother b) I am a redesigned, refactored and totally reprogrammed Brian (a.k.a Brian 2.0), or c) I am the man himself. I fear that if he hears me called “Brian” again he’ll open his veins with a chicken sub.  Nobody wants that on their conscience.
Now that we have put that issue behind us (at least until our next Jolt), CurrentMarketing is certainly a company that knows what it’s about when it comes to fostering a culture that celebrates working hard and producing excellent work, continual learning and improvement, and having fun together. Despite my brief time here I’m already very proud to be a part of this company. Again, thank you all for bringing me aboard!

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