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I will now attempt to write about the Heroes premiere without spoiling anything for those of you who have DVR’d it and not watched it yet (this one’s for you, Jim Bag).

Big ups and big downs, to sum it up:

Big ups:
– The Mohinder/Maya narrative, particularly what Suresh does after his experiments. Without spoiling it (since that’s what I committed to), I loved the fabulous effects.
– The Sylar/Clare scenario, for two reasons. First, I have always been irritated with the Clare character, so felt a slight twinge of glee when she got what she got. Getting to see Sylar’s talent in action was just the foam on the Frappuccino (that’s not really a spoiler, Jim).
– The shooter revelation – as big, if not bigger, than who shot JR.
– Weevil. Brilliant. Shout out to Veronica Mars!
– Mama Petrelli has a power and it is enormous in the Heroes universe.
– Sylar, Mama Petrelli and Peter’s relationship takes a new twist, which informs the bond/conflict between Gabriel and Peter on a whole new level.

Big downs:
– Peter and Clare. Come on, Clare – you can’t do that to Peter! He can stop time AND spontaneously heal. Either power pretty much makes him invincible.
– Whiny Elle (shout out number two to V. Mars!). I love Kristen Bell, but her character is a self-important spoiled rich kid. I hated that kid in high school.
– Speedster. Cliche power. Faster than a speeding bullet! Yep, that one’s been done. And it was pretty early in the development of the most iconic superhero in history.

Overall, I’d give the ep a reserved thumbs up. A lot of discoveries and many plot entanglements will keep me watching this season, at least for the next few. I’m hoping that good things are coming to those who wait…because I’m waiting.


  • September 26, 2008, 3:26 pm  Reply

    You are a lady and a scholar. Good review with no reveal. I promise I’ll catch up so we can discuss. I really hope they make up for what I thought was a mediocre sophomore season.

    And big ups for the V. Mars shout out. That was such a good show (at least for two years). One of my all-time favorites.

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