Not So Breaking News: CM’s Social Media Crew Doubles In Size!

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And now there are two. In late April, CurrentMarketing had the pleasure of welcoming one of our newest employees, Social Media Assistant, @bradluttrell.
Brad joins us with a background in journalism and photography, adding some mighty fine skill to our status updating crew. That, combined with his thirst for geeky knowledge and inherent social media prowess, makes him a great addition to the team. Plus, @atrumb is thrilled to have a partner in check-in crime.
We recently got the chance to sneak up on Brad, otherwise known as #TheGuyRetweetedByErinAndrews, to see what’s shaking in his neck of the Bakery Square woods.
CurrentMarketing: What are you doing?
Brad Luttrell: Whatever you tell me to do.
(Fudge. Too bad KP isn’t around to insert her favorite saying.)
CM: What else?
BL: Learning about social media, updating and having lots of fun.
CM: What’s your favorite website?
BL: Right now,
CM: Where is your dock located?
BL: The bottom.
(Double Fudge. KP should really be here!)
CM: Which icon do you click most?
BL: The like button. If you haven’t noticed, I “like” a lot.
CM: What is the prettiest icon, in your opinion?
BL: Fetch. It’s not pretty, but it’s my favorite.
CM: Tumblr? Instagram? TwitPic? Flickr?
BL: I use TwitPic the most.
CM: What’s your problem?
BL: I work with a bunch of fools!

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