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I was a little bored last night before the Dancing with the Stars Results Show (sorry Kim!), so I decided to check out Opportunity Knocks.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!  It was actually my favorite new show of the season!

I think because Ashton Kutcher is a producer, I was expected to be Punk’d somewhere along the line, but it’s actually just a quiz show that rewards families that know their surroundings really well.

Each family member is asked questions about other family members, items in the house and throughout their neighborhood.  When a question is answered correctly, more money goes into the family’s stash and if all the individual’s questions are answered correctly they win a prize just for them.  At the end, the family has a chance to answer another set of questions to double their money or risk it all for a chance to win $250,000.

Watching the show made me glad that I wasn’t on there with my own family!  I love quiz shows and think I’m super-good at them, but I couldn’t image being on there with my mom.  She’s awesome, but tends to prance around in her own little happy world and doesn’t pay so much attention to the details the show asks about.  Does anyone seriously think my mom would be able to tell the difference between the grass in her own front yard versus the grass in the neighbor’s yard?  I don’t think so!


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