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Word of mouth shopping has been around forever and is the most trusted and effective way to make purchases, but the digital space is giving us all louder voices.  When I find a pair of shoes that I love, for instance, I usually show my 1,580 “closest” friends by posting a picture on Facebook or posting a twitpic on my twitter account.
But along with Facebook and Twitter, a new site has emerged that I’ve fallen in love with! Pinterest.
It’s an invitation only site where you bookmark endless inspirations that you want to cook, create, or purchase.  You can categorize your “pins” on personalized pinboards that showcase the clothes you want to buy, the crafts you want to make, the remodeling you hope to start and the meals you wish to prepare.
Pinterest is linked to Facebook so that you can find your friends and follow their interests and inspirations too.  If you want to find ideas for your upcoming Halloween shindig, you can search “Halloween” and pin recipes, party ideas, costumes, and anything else that you find interesting and wish to recreate. If your best friend is planning a wedding, you can copy her on pins that you think would help her come up with creative centerpieces, or the perfect bouquet.
If you see something you like, just pin it! This site is amazing, and addictive! It takes visual bookmarking to a whole new level and inspires you to create!

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