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This is more my opinion about reviewing commercials as a consumer than as a bookkeeper at a marketing agency.

A couple of commercials that I’ve seen have left me to wonder how the featured product relates to the creative that represents it.

1.  Mentos breath mints (Fresh maker)

The scene: A girlfriend and her boyfriend are sitting on the couch.  The girl screams when she sees a spider (made me think of myself).  The boyfriend runs to the rescue to get rid of the spider.  The spider takes the boyfriend’s finger and flips him around the room.  This made me think it was a RAID commercial.  When I realized that it was a “Mentos” spot, I tried to figure out how the ad tied into the breath mint. It is to make me think that the Mentos mints will make me stronger, not fresher.

2.  Geico.com

This is the one with the little annoying pig screaming as he goes down the zip line.   What are they offering? Life, car, homeowners or recklessness insurance?  At first, I thought it was an advertisement for a Ski Resort.  I thought the commercial was cute but really don’t understand how it represents Geico.

There was another commercial that I’ve seen, but I can’t recall what it is right now.  Guess that means it didn’t make a big hit with me.

I know that I’m just one person out of probably millions that watches commercials, but if I can’t understand the logic of the creative, how can anyone else?  If the sale of a product is based on the advertising, I think the creative needs to come across a little more clearly then what I’ve seen.


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