Pretty neat, pretty boring, pretty slow….. but just plain pretty? No!

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OK, so I went on my social networking safari and thank goodness I didn’t adopt someone else’s opinion as my own. I chose to join only the social networks from “Top 10 Most Beautiful Social Networks” that suited me.
I joined Pownce, Beautiful Society and Virb; all the while still a member of MySpace and Facebook. So I joined, signed on and got to searching.
Pownce was my first victim. This so-called “beautiful” social network, although neatly organized, doesn’t strike me as “pretty.” Rather, it’s just pretty plain.
The only beauty in Beautiful Society is its name. It’s easy to sign-up but the concept falls short at keeping people entertained. The all-forum-style setup of favorites, articles and “stuff” sections are outdated.
Virb was much like MySpace without the hassle of html coding. Like MySpace, you can customize your profile’s colors; but that’s all you can change. After browsing a bit I came to the conclusion that Virb had the user friendliness and components of Facebook with a MySpace look and feel. Virb is still lacking components that keep Facebook addicts coming back for more.
It’s the “Beautiful Mess” state of mind I’m in when I’m on Facebook: scoping out friends, poking, messaging, writing on walls, looking through photos, reading my news feed, playing a game…. And well, you get the point!
Facebook is ever-evolving, keeping its addicts in a constant state of curiosity and interest. Even though it didn’t make the Mashable beautiful list, I think it’s beautiful- a “Beautiful Mess!” What good is a beautiful and user friendly social network if there are no users to socialize???

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