Process Meetings Sound Off!

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Our recent influx of staff has required that the Traffic Department, Department heads and our Developware CSR to have a set of “process” meetings to discuss how the whole company and each department can more effectively and efficiently move projects through the agency.
First, our Traffic Department & our Developware CSR met to discuss where we see issues and came up with solutions and/or helpful tips that will help each department work better together.
Second, our Traffic Department & Developware CSR met with the interactive and media department heads to get their feedback on what their staff can do better and what others can do to help them better do their task at hand. These two departments seem to be the most misunderstood, meaning no one really knows all the steps it takes to get to the end result.
Third, the Traffic Department has individual meetings with each department along with their direct supervisors. In these meetings, traffic shares helpful tips and reminders of what our processes are. Then we had open discussions on various topics that will make projects run smoother and with less mistakes and wasted time. We also take notes from the staff on what traffic can do better/differently.
Once the meetings are over, our CSR prepares a recap for us and it is up to the Traffic Department to implement any changes and make sure everyone is following the processes discussed in said process meetings. This can be a daunting task, but a necessary one in order to make the company stronger as a team and more profitable.
We will continue to have these meetings more frequently throughout the year as business trends and staff change. And it never hurts to keep our agreed upon processes fresh in our minds, if we revert back to our old ways, we open ourselves up for chaos.

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