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The JWT annual “things to watch” list includes many categories and topics like; Cloud Security, the much gossiped about “iTV”,  travel trends, “de-tech-ing” trends,  objectifying objects and food as the new Eco-issue.  I am so excited by several of the things listed and want to touch on a few.
Anywhere, any-way shopping – This category speaks to the integration of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailing.  QR codes could play a big part in this trend by allowing consumers to scan the code of the items they want and have the items collected and ready for pick up in-store.
Gen Z – Generation Z are kids born after 2000 who have grown up on smartphones. Many families look to this group for information on gadgets and all things new on the web.  Gen Z is said to have major influence over household purchasing decisions when it comes to tech gadgets.  This generation is also more brand aware than any before it with most children able to recognize nearly 100 brands by age 3!
Baby Boomer trends – Senior Cohousing and Apps for the older demographic are areas to watch this coming year.  Boomers are getting older but they tend to stay up with the latest in the digital world.  There will be more and more apps geared specifically to this aging generation, including the glasses off iphone app, which claims to improve vision by training readers’ eyes to adapt to certain patterns.
Both of these last two provide many opportunities for marketers to think about promoting brands in new and innovative ways to audiences hungry for it.  To read the JWT list of “things to watch” check it out here.

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