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While businesses are universally tip-toeing into 2009 — including so many in the marketing trade – the communicators here at CurrentMarketing are sprinting excitedly into the new year.
It’s an electrifying time to be in this industry in spite of the economic climate.  Or maybe I should say more exciting because of the economic climate.
Because, beyond traditional media and creative – both disciplines that are core to how we help clients grow – CurrentMarketing is in the midst of re-shaping our company to capture the consumer’s attention through a variety of interactive media opportunities that will continue to evolve into the one-to-one marketing communication we’ve referenced in this blog.  These interactive strategies and the corresponding tactics may not have the broad reach you find in traditional media.  But clients love the fact that they are conversing with their consumers in a more targeted and less costly channel than traditional media.
And we know the traditional media will be with us for a while now, so we’re constantly looking for the opportunities of integrating new media afforded by the Web with traditional media.
We’re excited about these changes and have begun implementing Interactive Strategies for a number of clients in 2009.  In addition to the now-standard tools of opt-in email, text messaging, search engine optimization, social media and other avenues that increase website traffic, we’re pushing ahead on all fronts.  Creating viral campaigns, user-generated content, monitoring Internet chatter and responding for clients are all part of the interactive world here at CurrentMarketing.
So buckle up.  I can’t tell you it’s not going to be a bumpy ride.  But I can assure you a high-speed connection will be to your advantage!

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