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Okay, I’m writing this blog from within a new program called Buzz Word, part of an online word processing suite in Beta test from Adobe. It allows me to write, similar to a conventional software-based program … except the fonts are limited.

And that’s where the similarity stops.

The documents are stored on Adobe’s servers, and I can access them from anywhere. What’s more, I can email them to a Co-Author or a Reviewer or a Reader at my discretion. That affords them differing permission levels of modification. The dictionary/spell check is teachable for either Within this document or Always. Colors. Bolds. Variable font sizes. Paragraph formatting. Charts. Lists. Cut. Paste. And yes I can embed and save images (4 megs or less) within the document with more freedom of placement & movement than Word ever allowed.

Then I can export it to my desktop as a Word document, PDF, Rich Text file or pure HTML.

It’s damned sweet, that’s what it is.

I’m not sure about the whole “do I have a connection” question as it relates to online enterprise activities such as this. My hunch is in the next few years, online connectivity will be ubiquitous, so that question/hesitancy is probably moot.

Confession time: I’ve been using Apple’s Pages program for a month or so and prefer it to Word for all the elegant Apple features you’d expect. Buzz Word won’t replace that immediately, though I expect to use it for longer documents which require ongoing revisions.


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