Secret pizza place…read on!

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There are many tools I use when I travel, but I never thought that Foursquare could help me find a hidden gem in the middle of a 7-acre casino.
As I was committing my Foursquare check-in upon arrival at The Cosmopolitan on a Sunday afternoon, a tip popped up suggesting that I look for the “secret pizza place on the 3rd floor.”  I dismissed it and didn’t think much about it.  However, on Monday night (ummm.. Tuesday morning I guess I should say.  Who keeps track of time in Vegas?!?) after some gambling and free cocktails I convinced my friend to go hunting for said pizza place.  She made fun of me for 10 minutes straight while she followed me down the hallways of the hotel.  She said I was silly for trusting some stranger on the internet.  I told her never to doubt the power of social media and to just humor me and play along for a few minutes.
Sure enough we stumbled across a lounge area.  Skeptical friend spotted a guy holding a slice of pizza and he directed us to this non-descript hallway and said to follow that to the end and we’ll find it.  There it was! Large New York style pizza slices for $3.50!  The bottled water in the hotel was more expensive than that, so this was quite a gem of a place.
After questioning the 3 guys behind the counter, I discovered that the place wasn’t so “secret” any longer. In addition to being on Foursquare, I’ve also discovered it on Yelp and a few other sites.  There is no signage in the hotel whatsoever mentioning it, and the guys behind the counter said that sometimes the line is so long that it’s a 30 minute wait.  I can only think that the power of social media had something to do with that.

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