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The Washington Redskins are encouraging fans to check in on foursquare and unlock a special Redskins badge.  To get the badge, fans can either check in once at the stadium or three times at featured Redskins bars.  But the badge is only the beginning.  The grand prize is two lodge tickets and pre-game field passes with a tailgate party.  WHOA!   So, while consumers are claiming bragging rights with the badge and the opportunity to win the grand prize, the Redskins organization is converting more fans to buy tickets.
WOW….I wonder how this would work in my little world…gyms for instance.  I am not always motivated to go to the gym, but if my gym had foursquare specials – e.g. so many check-ins gets me a free hour of personal training – I’d be there!  And a greater frequency of visits develops healthy habits and a more loyal consumer.  YMCA! There’s a bonus something-to-think-about from your friends at CurrentMarketing!
How about restaurants using Four Square to stimulate traffic?  There’s often an eenie-menie-miny-mo game that decides where guests dine.  An offer of a free/discounted appetizers or even no-wait seating with Foursquare check-in or Mayorship might just be the added leverage for a restaurant to win that game.  Or just give away giftcards, like McDonald’s did.
Those are just a couple of ideas that came out of the brainstorm that ensued after reading this article.  I’m sure the CM social media mavens can improve on these nuggets and come up with even better ideas.
I think, for now, I’ll just run down the street and secure my Mayorship of Tumbleweed on the River…

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