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Our fearless Culture Queen, Lisa Koier, adds her two cents to the blog pot today. After winning big at the track last week, she was on a high and visited her favorite site…

AmericanExpress.com is a great tool for the COO. Okay, I know this is incredibly BORING of me and as the COO, I’ll accept that self-applied label. I like AmericanExpress.com and visit the site at least once a week. Fact is, it allows me to log on and see what purchases my employee cardholders are making BEFORE the bill comes—and we use our Amex cards for many, many items here at Current. There is an “Analyze Spending” tool” that tells me how we spend our money, from “Entertainment” and “Travel” to “Business Services” or technology-related purchases. I can make travel plans via the site and also convert points for gift cards that we use to thank our employees who do something above and beyond. And sometimes I even browse their shopping area to see what deals they have under Health & Beauty, Fashion and Electronics. Lots of perks with an American Express card.


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