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We bring our series to a close with our CTO, affectionately known only as The Bouv. You’d think the fact that he just celebrated his tenth anniversary with CurrentMarketing would mean he’s, like, old. But, he’s not. All we’ll say is that it may or may not have been legal for him to work when he started here.

All hail the Bouv:

The site I go to most changes from time to time, depending on what I’m researching or studying.  In the past couple of weeks, that site has been The Flex Show — specifically their archives.  Not sure how I overlooked them this whole time I’ve been playing with Flex, but I have a lot of episodes to catch up on so I’ve been going there recently.

And on a personal and totally nerdy note, I’ve also been going to Daily MTG…well, daily.  Yeah, yeah, I play Magic.  Shut up.


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