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I am still trying to wrap my brain around the concept behind a “sling box.” The idea that one can call up one’s television over the internet, and view it over any computer – anywhere in the world, baffles me. And, you can change the channel. Well, I had some fun with that recently! We were out of the country and wanting to see the Cards play football so Rick went right into geek mode and called up the satellite receiver via sling box. All we had was his laptop. My parents were staying at our house and while I was checking on things and chatting on the phone with them, Rick changed their television channel. Mom said, “the channel keeps changing” and we just sat there and laughed for a few seconds. In hushed tones of course. We couldn’t torture them for long so we came clean up and tried to explain what was going on. Well, they couldn’t believe it either.

The home unit is roughly 5” X 8” and takes 15 minutes to install (mainly software).
You can check it out at SlingMedia.com and there are no monthly fees. It’s so friggin’ cool!


  • October 7, 2008, 8:53 am  Reply

    The Sling box is a great piece of technology. Along similar lines I recently used Skype to video conference with family in 3 states so they could see my Son, some for the first time. Now, if i could get all this functionality into my cell phone..

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