So you think you can text?

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Text messaging has become a ubiquitous form of communication. It started with the technology savvy Millenials and quickly emerged as a part of every day life for all generations around the world.I have friends that use texting as their main communication with their grandmother. Our presidential candidates are text messaging their supporters along with knocking on their door. Kenya’s troubled recent election has sparked terrorists to send hate text messages encouraging others, even bribing them. And the Kenyan government is countering the terrorists’ campaign with a peaceful text message campaign of their own. Check it out.
Advertisers are integrating text messaging into traditional media campaigns, capturing opted-in phone numbers to send future updates on events or new products.
In my opinion, text messages may be the most flexible advertising medium available today. Traditional media, such as broadcast, outdoor and print, are minimally invasive because a consumer can chose not to look at them. Telemarketing is extremely invasive because you are engaging someone in a conversation in which they may or may not be available to have at that time.
But text messages are an invited intrusion and highly targeted, as consumers – – by opting in – – are asking for information. And at just pennies per impression, text messages are incredibly cost effective!
With so many applications for text messaging to interact with a willing consumer, it’s quickly becoming a staple of integrated marketing campaigns everywhere (including here at CurrentMarketing!)

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