Give Your Brand’s Social Media a Spring Cleaning

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Social media, much like your bedroom and garage, needs to be taken care of and tidied up from time to time. As a public representation of you and your business, the information, posts, and pictures need to be reviewed and monitored frequently, ensuring your public image is exactly as you want it to be across all social media channels.

Not to mention to spring cleaning just feels plain good and therapeutic! Throw out the old and make room for the new. Here’s how to spring clean your brand’s social media starting today:


If your business’ profile picture is more than a year old, upload a new one. Consumers like to see that you’re active and excited about your brand’s social media presence. Next, update your cover photo as well, maybe making it a summer theme that will play into everyone’s upcoming excitement. Lastly, review your About section and make any necessary updates regarding new products and services, leadership, etc.


Twitter can sometimes receive less-than-stellar attention from brands, so make sure you have a completed bio available that highlights your business services with a link to your platform. If you haven’t updated the photo in a year as well, consider changing it up and maybe even picking a new Twitter color scheme to keep things fresh.


Your LinkedIn headline is the most-seen part of your business’ LinkedIn profile today. It needs to be catchy, well-written, and reflective of what you offer. Consider writing a new one to keep things fresh this spring. You can also personalize your URL with your business name if you haven’t done so already. Lastly, are you utilizing the article feature on LinkedIn? If not, now is a great time to start and drum up excitement about your brand.


Instagram takes no prisoners when it comes to aesthetic and the appearance of your profile. You need to make sure your icon image is of stellar quality, and that your photos are crisp and clear. Consider deleting any photos that performed badly or harshly contrast with the overall color scheme and image of the account. Next, don’t forget to change the Instagram URL as you offer new products or services within the app. Lastly, Instagram bios are important, providing you with the ability to showcase what you have to offer in a limited amount of words. Check out what competitors are doing and use emojis to make it easy to follow.


So, when it’s time to break out the duster and sift through your closet of clothing this month, once you’re all done, open up your laptop and do the exact same thing to your social media profiles. Social media marketing requires constant review and upkeep. Consumers can tell when brands are going above and beyond to safeguard their image and keep it fresh. Spring cleaning is one of the most obvious ways to communicate your professional intentions for the year ahead.  And if you need help, just ask.  After all…We Do That!

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