Social media: The Brutal Truth

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I am not the one that runs our social media here at CM, but I just read an interesting article that I will pass over to them.
In The Brutal Truth about Social Media, the author suggests that most people friend or became a fan of a brand because they want to hear from them and be updated on the brand, not to talk to them.
Brands use social media as a way to engage their customers and the main way this is done is through conversation on the social media networks.
We see it all the time in surveys, polls, question and answer.  Some of these elicit more of a response then others, but after reading this article, I bet if we took a closer look, the same people would be responding.
And, Twitter and retweets, is this just traditional media?  Kind of like, “pass the magazine”?  You know, after reading something you than pass it over to a friend to read?
This is way off than what we have been hearing, but after I thought about it, that is exactly why I follow brands.  The only time I will comment on a brands status is if they are giving something away and it interests me.  Other than that, I don’t care to have a conversation with the brand’s Facebook representative.  I want to know what is new and what is going on with the brand.
If this has some truth to it, does it change the content we put on social media?  How?  What do you think?

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