Spin offs are never as good as their mothers

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Private Practice debuted its second season last week.  To recap last season, Addison, of Seattle Grace (home to Grey’s Anatomy) moves to LA in search of sunshine and no more Meredith and Derrick drama.  She begins to work at a “private practice” that focuses on alternative medicine.

The two heads of the practice used to be married, so there is always tension and drama between them and everyone else has either been or wants to be involved with somebody else at the office.  Season 2 is more of the same.  Since there are only seven people that work at the clinic there are only so many feasible love triangles.

I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan and my favorite part about that show is all of the awesome personal drama.  Who didn’t love Izzy hooking up with Callie O’Malley’s husband?!?

With Private Practice, the personal drama is so dull, that I mostly look forward to the medical mysteries.  In the season premiere, there was a family that had a son with a disease that could only be cured by using the blood from a relative’s umbilical cord.  The boys’ parents conceive another child, but when the boy takes a turn for the worse the mom breaks her water by using a knitting needle, in order to have the premature baby right away and save her son.  Finally, some drama!

I don’t think the spin off is ever as good as the original.  I still enjoy Private Practice, but wish we could spice it up a little.  Maybe Addison could sleep with her coworker/best friend’s husband.  Now that would make Dr. Izzy Stevens proud!


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