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Brilliant. That pretty much describes my experience thus far at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi).
Clearly I’m wearing the newbie badge when I say it but I can’t help but feel the brilliant juice pumping at the heart of SXSW. I know it’s hokey. I know it sounds like I’m shooting off unicorns and rainbows. But SXSWi is a festival for the mind. How can it not be? It’s the convergence of some of the world’s most creative innovators, thinkers, wannabes and doers. A massive meet-up in Austin to hype-up certain technologies and dissect the next big thing. While the nerds aren’t saving the world, they sure in the heck are shaping it. For me personally, it has sparked new ideas and ignited different ways of creative thinking. Simply put, SXSW has been inspiring.
And now I’m done with the unicorns and rainbows portion of thoughts on SXSW. Stay tuned for the next few posts which will actually share some real thinking from sessions and conversations. (Did I mention that attending SXSW results in severe lack of sleep too?)

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