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The whirlwind of more than 70 events in a three week span has begun for the Derby Festival. The work our agency does to support these events is near completion.

This year’s theme “SuperFest” has been exciting. Our mascot, Super Festival Fan, has amplified this year’s Festival with references to “Super Speed” for the miniMarathon and Marathon and “Power of Flight” for the Pegasus Parade.

The planning and execution takes an entire year for all parties involved. In this time our agency has tapped into our own super strength to complete the tasks at hand. Throughout the year we collaborate on 212 projects! Projects range from event programs and entrance designs to television commercials and a smart phone app.

The tasks are hefty, the timing is crucial and teamwork is key. Only one agency has the strength and commitment to get the job done…Super Agency, CurrentMarketing. The team committed to this client takes pride in our work – it’s is more powerful than a quad core computer processor and faster than a “breaking news” tweet. These super heroes make me proud to be a part of this team and I thank them for all the powers they possess.

Thanks Super Agency Friends!


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