Tacky Christmas Sweater #14: “It’s all in the pivot points”

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Nick’s holiday sweaterWho knew that twenty-five years after the demise of Nick’s 70’s-era dance troupe, Lord Funk-O-More & The Electric Spank, a few of the old stage props would come in handy again. “These lights were part of my ‘robot’ solo,” Nick said over drinks at the office Christmas party. “I’d slip on the specs and start moving all jerky, then the lights would start blinking and people would go absolutely ape.”

He adds for the record: “The trick to a good robot is not to move your arms too much. The pivot points are all in the shoulders, waist and ankles.” Thanks for the demo, Nick! I promise none of us will soon forget it.


  • Richard Simmons
    December 18, 2008, 9:06 pm  Reply

    Lookin’ slim there Ol’ St. Nick! Must be all that dancing. ;)-

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