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As I designer, I spend quite a bit of time searching stock photo sites. Not only is it a great source for affordable photography, but it is a never-ending supply of weird images that show up in the most innocuous search terms. Here are a few that I have stumbled across in the last couple of weeks.

This little gem came up as I was searching for “woman, brown hair.” Trying to imagine what project you would ever need this image for, and I come up with nothing. And more importantly, why is she rubbing a baked potato all over her face?

This next image came up with a search for “Christmas Party.” That’s right, it’s a fish in a hat with a book of Christmas Carols. Because you always need a picture of a red snapper singing “O Holy Night.” I have to assume this was shot during the Big Mouth Billy Bass craze of a few years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your computer monitors, what you are seeing is, in fact, a Yeti trimming it’s toenails. And believe it or not, this came up under a search for “Healthcare and Medicine.”

And last, but not least, there is this nightmare-in-the-making, a result of the search terms “Dance Music” and “Party.” I feel like there is a Samantha Ronson joke in here somewhere, but honestly, I just don’t have the heart to make it.

So instead, let’s have some fun with these… leave a comment below with a funny caption for one of these images. I’ll pick one at random next week and send you an awesome Field Notes prize pack.

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