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In just a few days, Miss Media will be departing for the Big Apple for a digital media seminar.  I’m confident that we’ll return with loads of new information and theories and can’t wait to tell the rest of the crew all of the great stuff we learned.

In addition, I’m anxious to see all of the advertising opportunities that exist in The City.  I’m picturing a complete sensory overload experience with Nike ads wrapping complete buildings, LED boards lining every surface of Times Square and Lion King characters passing out Broadway show flyers in the street.

Locally, we have Out of Home media vendors that have the capabilities to wrap a building in Louisville or paint an advertisement on the street, but the CPM for such a project in Louisville makes it very cost prohibitive.  In venues such as Grand Central Station or Times Square, however, the CPM suddenly becomes significantly more affordable, especially when you have the budget of an Apple or a Coca-Cola.

Next month, I’ll report back and have a list of the Top 5 super-sweet ad spaces from the city that never sleeps, complete with pix.


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